The rise of AI

The rise of AI

The rise of AI


Previously AI had been confined to the likes of Sci-Fi movies and video games, now is a different story.

Over the last 10 or so years quietly ticking along in the background of the tech world AI is finally coming into its own.

Many companies are racing to be the first to hit the landmark in technology and some are getting very close.

That’s where Hanson Robotics comes in, Hanson are known for creating scarily lifelike and expressive robots. Capable of maintaining their own train of thought, scripted though as it may-be it makes for a very strange interaction between human and “computer” if you can still call “her” that.

As many viewers tuned into Good Morning Britain, hosted by the marmite man Piers Morgan they were greeted with “Sofia” Hanson’s latest in AI. Her face is very life like as are her movements. Aside from the large metallic scalp you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it was a person.

You can watch the interview here.

What are your thoughts on AI?