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At Agile Technical Solutions, we’re passionate about children’s education. We help schools deliver exceptional learning and teaching environments through our strategic ICT support and managed solutions.

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Cost-effective ICT solutions

We realise that one of the biggest questions an independent school will have is – how do we know we are getting best value from our IT investment?

Almost any IT company can ‘promise’ you that you are getting great value, but how do you know? We believe in being transparent and open in how you are currently spending your ICT budget and where cost-savings can be made. All while delivering on your ambitions for increased reliability and collaboration.

That’s why our Independent ICT support solutions are meticulously planned and detail what you want to achieve and the most cost-effective roadmap to get there.

Increased reliability

Our school ICT technicians are highly-experienced engineers and understand the complexities of the school environment.  That’s why we provide all year round ICT support (even during the school holidays). We also schedule any maintenance and upgrades at a time that causes the least disruption to your staff and pupils.

Working remotely, our engineers proactively check for the following:

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  • cloud-navy

    Server response times

  • holistic-navy

    Available disk space

  • centralized-navy

    Any cyber threats

  • Listen-navy

    Slow user logging in times

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    And so much more!

We keep a close eye on your network to detect any issues before they become a problem. The vast majority of issues we resolve quickly from our office, but we can be on site quickly to resolve any issues that need a physical intervention.

Our priority is to keep you operational at all times.


We can support your school ICT team

We love working with people. Honestly, our networking, security, safeguarding and software experts love nothing more than being that extra pair of hands.

We can provide you with as little or as much ICT support as you need. We can act as first-line support to take some of the pressure off your existing ICT team, or we can manage your entire IT.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Our wish list was very ambitious; teachers needed reliable Wi-Fi and laptops that worked with the most up to date software. Agile worked closely with us to prioritise the updates we needed to ensure that we got the maximum benefit across the school. They fully understand the constraints of a school budget and at no point tried a ‘hard sell’.”

Head Teacher, Rendlesham Primary School

“Agile Technical Solutions have worked with Freeman over the past seven years to develop our IT systems to ensure that we have a consistent and reliable system to support teaching, learning and administration across the school. With PCs, laptops, networking and software all sourced and installed by Agile, the whole school has a reliable IT system that meets the day-to-day demands of the administration and curriculum side of our school.”

Daniel Pettitt, Headteacher, Freeman CP School

“Having worked with other IT support companies, it has been so nice to work with a firm who do what they say they will, when they say they will. Help and support is available as and when we need it, which for a firm where IT is critical to our operation, is essential.”

Daniel, Partner, Griffin Chapman

“Also offering consultancy on IT governance and security, the team at Agile are incredibly valuable and valued members of our team. It’s not just the quick, knowledgeable and efficient responses we get every time we have a query, it’s also the extent to which the team takes ownership of our IT issues and resolves them first time every time.”

Sally, AlphaBio Control


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