Going behind the scenes with Victoria at Trident Marketing

Suffolk-based Trident Marketing has been a client of Agile Technical Solutions for almost four years now. Honestly, we don’t know where the time goes!

We thought we’d catch up with Managing Director, Victoria Beswick, to find out what makes Trident Marketing tick and why having a personal connection to clients is so important, just like it is to us.

Victoria, could you tell us a little about yourself and Trident Marketing?

“I’d love to. My mum and dad started the business together over 30 years ago now, originally as a printing company.

“Over the years, as marketing has evolved, so too have our services. Today, Trident Marketing is a full-service marketing company that combines creative thought and fresh ideas to deliver truly impactful campaigns. There are 15 of us now, and we’re continuing to grow. It’s an exciting time.

“Although I grew up around the business, I haven’t always worked within it. I love singing and performing and so I graduated from performing arts school and went on to perform for several years. Although I wasn’t fully emersed in the business at that stage, I was still connected. My events knowledge and links to the entertainment world came in really handy.

“I couldn’t keep away, and in 2010, I decided that I was ready to commit to the business full-time. I have so much admiration for what my mum and dad have achieved together, and I genuinely love marketing, so it just made sense.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing something from beginning to end – watching as the team works creatively to bring an idea to life. My husband, Carl, who joined the company as a Sales Director four years ago, shares the same passion as I do – to keep growing Trident Marketing and pushing the boundaries of marketing.”

What’s special about Trident Marketing?

“There are lots of marketing agencies, but where we excel is in our creativity and working collaboratively with our clients to deliver results. While we’ve grown quite a lot from the early days, we’ve never lost sight of our personal approach.

“For some clients, we’re their entire marketing department, and for others, we are drafted in to support on specific projects.

“We’re very much an extension of their team. If a client wants to sit next to one of our designers while they work, they can. We love this level of connectivity.

“As an employer, we’re also big believers in creating an environment that people enjoy working in – we have a very friendly team who love working together.”

How important is IT to the delivery of your business?

“It’s extremely important. I remember years ago running around with floppy disks. So much has changed since then. Everything we do is online. As you can imagine, we work with some extremely big files and handle vast amounts of data and so it’s vitally important that we have robust IT systems, processes and IT Support in place.

“This is especially important for our production team as we cannot afford downtime because we have client deadlines to meet. So, having a quick and reliable IT Support desk that we can contact is crucial.”

What qualities do you look for in an IT partner?

“The biggest thing I look for is ‘trust’. Having experienced less than satisfactory IT Support in the past, I know that this is not always a given.

“For me, having an IT partner who is focused on doing everything that they can to keep our systems and data safe, is a big thing.

“Good response times and being able to explain technical requirements in plain English is also a huge advantage.”

How does Agile meet these expectations?

“Agile surpassed all my expectations. Previous to Agile, we hadn’t had the best experience. Agile were, quite honestly, a breath of fresh air.

“Nick Baines, Agile’s MD, who provides us with regular IT Consultancy, explained where the gaps were within our IT and what we could do to bring everything together, which has been a huge help.

“We have very few technical issues, but when we do have a problem, Agile is quick to resolve it.

“They’ve helped us put in place the infrastructure for safe and secure remote working, which is very useful for our project managers wanting to access files and emails when visiting a client.

“Agile is also very proactive at identifying what we need to do to keep our systems and data safe and compliant. As a Managing Director, it’s one less thing for me to worry about.”

Thanks, Victoria. Just one more thing. How do you balance work and life?

“Ask anyone in the team, and they’ll tell you the same thing. I like to keep busy. Being physically healthy is a big part of mine and my family’s life. I like to run, swim, play netball and take our eight-month old St. Bernard and 14-year-old Springer Spaniel for long walks. Carl and I also have two amazing children (a boy and a girl) and I still sing now and again with one of my friends. Life is full, but that’s just the way I like it.”