Update to Cyber Essentials scheme helps businesses curb cyber threats

Revamps to the Cyber Essentials scheme technical control requirements are a direct response to the way organisations are changing the way they work.

The updates represent the biggest change to the Cyber Essentials scheme since its launch in 2014 as cyber threats continue to increase.

If we add a much wider adoption of cloud services and hybrid working into the mix, there’s a critical need for further awareness and protection.

Why is Cyber Essentials important?

Well, the Cyber Essentials scheme, developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and delivered by IASME, assists organisations of all sizes in guarding against new and existing cyber threats.

Why did you choose to work for Agile?

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Why has there been an update?

With cyber threats increasing in number and sophistication, Cyber Essentials has undergone a major technical review to help organisations stay protected in what is an evolving digital landscape.

What are the changes to Cyber Essentials?

There are quite a few changes to the use of multi-factor authentication, password management, cloud services and home working modules within the scheme’s certification.

Essentially, the updates enable participants to defend their systems and data by securing networks and devices, controlling access to data, and protecting against attacks such as ransomware.

In line with the changes, there is also a new pricing structure that has been introduced to account for more complex assessments that some organisations need.

What are the other benefits of being certified?

There are many additional benefits to being certified. For a start, it gives a clear picture of a company’s cyber security level.

This means that Cyber Essentials certified organisations can demonstrate a commitment to cyber security to their customers. In fact, in most cases, it is a requirement within public sector contracts that the contractor holds certification.

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