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As an experienced Colchester web design agency and Colchester website hosting service provider, we appreciate the importance of creating websites that make a big impact.

Our job as a Colchester web design agency is to make sure that every aspect of your web design works hard to engage and convert your ideal customers.

We understand how expectant visitors to a website can be. If they cannot see what they are looking for in a split second, they leave. That’s why an immersive website must also be quick to load and supported by highly efficient Colchester website hosting, both of which Agile can offer.

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To achieve utopia – a website that has strong design integrity, great functionality, is easily searchable, and relatable, it takes a special blend of skills.

As a Colchester web design company this means bringing in all the right professionals, including:

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    High-brow graphic designers.

    To create a UX-focused website design that engages and captures visitor attention.

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    Top-notch photographers/videographers.

    To excite the user and evoke an emotional connection with your brand.

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    Technically gifted web developers.

    To develop a secure, user-friendly website that can also be easily indexed by search engines.

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    Brand copywriters.

    To make sure your content is telling the right story for your brand and working hard to convert visitors into customers.

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    SEO/PPC specialists.

    To help you generate a consistent flow of relevant visitors to your website.

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    Digital marketeers.

    To generate traffic and leads from a carefully selected funnel of digital channels.

We believe that your website should be affordable, manageable and easy to access and update. As an IT company too, this is something we couldn’t be more passionate about.

Why choose us a Colchester Web Design Company?

As a Colchester web design agency and IT company, we’ve corrected a huge volume of mistakes made by others.

Most often, mistakes are made when a website design becomes too convoluted or is handled by a PR agency rather than web design specialists. The most common mistakes we see are:

  • Untidy code – (often the result of numerous third-party developers working on a project)
  • Zero SEO strategy (most often because SEO is seen as an expense rather than a necessity)
  • Form over function – where a site looks nice but does not do the job. Quite often this is because a logical sitemap has not been adhered to.
  • Poor copy (either not enough or far too much is the most common problem)

With Agile Technical Solutions as your Colchester web design agency, you’ll never have these problems.

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We Work to Established Standards

As a Colchester web design company, all our websites follow technical best practice and are W3C Standard Compliant. In most cases our preferred content management system is WordPress, although we do use other platforms. The reason for this is that WordPress offers a feature-rich user experience, is easy to use, and has plenty of scope for integrations.


“Agile Technical Solutions have been incredible to work with on our new web design. We already knew we were in good hands, as they’re our trusted IT partner. However, this project surpassed all expectations and to say that we’re all blown-away is an understatement.”

Chelsey Cookson, Company Director, Nayland Care
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“Agile’s work and support has been consistently excellent, from the initial redesign of our IT system and the subsequent provision of hardware and software. The support is easy to access from a team of well-qualified and experienced engineers, who are very responsive and good communicators. Their advice is well considered and readily available when needed.”

Michael, Griffin Chapman

Colchester Website Hosting Services & Domain Registration

Most of the websites we host we have also built. However, being an IT company, we also provide a high-quality Ipswich website hosting service to businesses whose websites we have not worked on. Likewise, our support extends to domain name registration, as well as email redirection to your exchange server and web forwarding.

Website Design FAQs

Why is website design important for business?

Web design for business is hugely important because it is your shop window. It directly impacts how your intended audience feels about your brand. In our experience as a Colchester web design agency, the immediate on page impression you create will either inspire them to engage with you or not!
Likewise, a well-designed website can help convert visitors into loyal and engaged customers. Much of this is down to impactful visuals, robust web development and clever content seeded with the right blend of researched SEO key phrases.
Most importantly, a web design should be an accurate representation of your business and take visitors on a journey – it should tell your brand's story.

What makes a good web design for business?

As a Colchester web design agency and an IT company, we build websites with user experience (UX) in mind. As crucially important as SEO is, we do not believe in keyword stuffing. Instead, we believe in creative web design that presents information to visitors in a format that is as eye-catching as it is meaningful. This takes real skill and effort, which we are fortunate enough to have in-house.
Since we are as technically savvy as we are creative, our websites perform incredibly well from a performance point of view. They are quick to load, have tidy code, are secure and SEO ready. Therefore, they stand the best possible chance of being found by those looking for your services or products.

Why choose us for your website design project?

As a Colchester web design company, we have an established team of web developers, copywriters, web designers, and SEO consultants who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Together, we like to think that we’re bringing some of this big brand exposure to other aspiring businesses, just without the price tag of a London web design agency.
We understand what makes a good web design and that’s not hundreds of pages. Instead, we take a less-is-more approach. We create web designs that know how to cut through the noise and inspire people to act.
When you choose Agile Technical Solutions as a Colchester web design agency, you can also be sure that your website design is unique to you. When we say that we engage with our clients on a bespoke basis, we do just this. What’s more, we engage our clients in the creative process, which they love. The result is always a web design our clients are proud of, which pays for itself many times over.
Therefore, all our websites are built to the highest web development standards and are W3C Standard Compliant.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is where a hosting provider supplies space on a web server for a website to store its files. The amount of resources required for a website to run will determine the type of web hosting you need. So, space and size of website, bandwidth required to meet to amount of traffic it has, along with memory and processing speeds (CPU) needed for overall website performance. The main types of Colchester web hosting are dynamically shared, dedicated, and VPS (Virtual Private Servers). Essentially though, it’s the process by which a company buys resources to house its website.
Whether your website has been created by Agile Technical Solutions or not, we can provide high-quality web hosting specific to your requirements and domain name registration. Our clients find these services particularly helpful since they can be sure their website is performing and that they have legal ownership of their domain names.

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