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Managed School ICT Support Services

Having been providing IT support for schools for many years, we appreciate what matters most to schools, creating inclusive and safe learning environments. To enable this, school ICT systems need to be secure, responsive and value for money.

Working with Agile to deliver your school ICT support can help you achieve significant cost savings while improving your school’s IT delivery.

With plenty of experience, we understand the challenges and pressures that are somewhat unique to the school environment. What’s more, we know how to look after your systems and develop a tailored ‘ICT support for schools’ package; one that maximises existing equipment and still enables you to improve your ICT.

We respond to your exact ICT support needs

We offer premium IT Support For Schools in Essex to proactively avoid any issues that might affect the working day of pupils and staff. Agile’s packages cover a wide range of computer hardware and software for primary and secondary schools all of which are maintained and configured by our technical engineer team.

Ensuring the school ICT support we provide is having the maximum impact on learning is integral to everything we do. That’s why as well as providing technical assistance, we can also offer a bespoke three-year ICT School Development Plan.

Typically, our ICT support for schools plans offer a bespoke combination of the following:

  • report-navy

    Advice and guidance on a wide range of technologies since we are an authorised partner for many solutions.

  • cloud-navy

    A single point of contact with an experienced ICT support technician to support with remote and physical fixes.

  • holistic-navy

    Remote network and broadband management to free up your onsite team to spend time with system users.

  • centralized-navy

    Onsite and Offsite back-up solutions, including from our own data back-up centre in Colchester.

  • Listen-navy

    Procuring ICT equipment for schools. As an AEP Partner, we advise schools on the purchase of Microsoft products and other technologies.

  • group-navy

    Proactive ICT health checks that identify and resolve issues and alert your school’s onsite team.

Flexible Approach to IT Support for Education

We realise that no two schools are the same – even within an academy trust there are going to be marked differences between schools. That’s why we take a flexible approach to providing IT support for education.

To meet your specific needs, we build flexible support packages. We can either provide a full ICT-managed service or support your internal (in-house) team.

Our DBS cleared team of engineers provides as little or as much help as you need, from MIS support, to web filtering and firewall protection to hardware purchasing.

GDPR compliance underpins all our IT solutions for schools, so you can be confident that your data is securely protected.

Institutions we have Supported

“Agile Technical Solutions have worked with Freeman over the past seven years to develop our IT systems to ensure that we have a consistent and reliable system to support teaching, learning and administration across the school. With PCs, laptops, networking and software all sourced and installed by Agile, the whole school has a reliable IT system that meets the day-to-day demands of the administration and curriculum side of our school.”

Daniel Pettitt, Headteacher, Freeman CP School

“Our wish list was very ambitious; teachers needed reliable Wi-Fi and laptops that worked with the most up to date software. Agile worked closely with us to prioritise the updates we needed to ensure that we got the maximum benefit across the school. They fully understand the constraints of a school budget and at no point tried a ‘hard sell’.”

Head Teacher, Rendlesham Primary School

ICT Support FAQs

What is the role of IT in education?

IT support in schools has a hugely important role. Having a good standard of IT creates a better learning environment.

Effective ICT helps teachers to interact with students. It can help them better prepare and deliver their teaching and be a fantastic conduit for parent communications.

However, for this to happen, IT must run smoothly across the entire school environment and careful consideration needs to be given to the following:
- Consistency across the school or schools (if an Academy Trust)
- Effective sharing of resources
- Improved teaching and learning environments
- Cost-effective IT solutions that are performance-driven
- Shared best practice and knowledge transfer

At Agile Technical Solutions, we realise just how important collaboration is in delivering IT solutions for schools. We understand that for the schools, it’s important to promote access to learning resources. Therefore, our school ICT services strive to:
- Create a supportive network that can grow with your school
- Troubleshoot issues before they become big problems
- Provide consistent, reliable school ICT support
- Introduce robust housekeeping

What ICT resources are used in schools?

No two schools are the same – even within an academy trust, there will be marked differences between schools.

While there will be similarities in IT solutions for schools, you would be hard-pressed to find two ICT support contracts the same.
There can be a huge variation in how Essex and Suffolk primary schools use technology, for example. One primary school we support uses laptop trolleys, with laptops supplied by us. While another school uses tablets and chrome books in class as part of their everyday teaching. Some also still have an IT suite, although this is becoming less common as children grow more familiar with mobile devices.

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on school ICT services. With many children home-schooling, laptops have generally been supplied by the DfE on behalf of the schools. This has allowed children exposure to video conferencing software such as Zoom or Teams to undertake their daily classroom routines online. This, in turn, has enabled Microsoft to actively promote its Office 365 Educational suites, which many schools are still looking to take full advantage of.

Why is IT support important for schools?

IT support for schools is crucial. In fact, a lot hinges on the technical ICT support a school has in place. When something goes wrong, it can have a real knock-on effect –it can be incredibly frustrating when systems are slow, or the Wi-Fi is sporadic. Having a dedicated school ICT support company can take the stress away from internal staff with an IT helpdesk that can quickly and easily troubleshoot problems.

Furthermore, outsourcing school IT support costs comparatively lower than hiring an internal team of technicians. Plus, the school benefits from direct access to highly qualified engineers that are familiar with the latest technology solutions.

What are the pupil benefits of IT support for schools?

Schools that constantly strive to improve their IT with the support of school ICT services, create better learning environments for pupils. Typically, if mobile devices and applications are used correctly, they can help prepare students for their future careers. Integrating technology into the classroom also creates an effective way to engage with pupils of all learning styles.

Likewise, ICT also fosters collaboration between pupils and encourages them to take more ownership over their learning. From learning how to code, to collaboration across teams and powering through times-table and phonics apps, technology is an enabler. However, this only works if a school has the right IT support in place – one that is proactive in its scope and always looking to the future.


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