Coffee Lake

Coffee Lake

Coffee Lake

Intel have unveiled their 8th generation line of processors dubbed “Coffee Lake”.

Intel have upped the core count on all of the models including the i3 the lowest spec’d processor coming in with 4 cores doubling the cores from last year.

The i5 and i7 will both have 6 cores the difference being in thread count i5 keeps this at 6 to match the core count whereas the i7 has doubled up and touting 12 threads.

The new 8th Generation of chips have been designed with the average consumer in mind.

Coffee Lake is expected to improve by 32% on last year’s processors and a staggering 65% than the average 3-year-old machine making it a worthy upgrade for many people.

The new i7-8700k the replacement for last year’s 7700k is tipped to be the company’s “best gaming processor ever” so expect stocks of these to be limited during early release.

The new line is set to be released on October 5th.