IT Management

IT Management

What we offer

Our IT Management service can be used in conjunction with our other support packages or independently. In certain situations, it can be very useful to have an independent and unbiased point of view on your IT. This means focusing on IT management as opposed to IT support. Whether you’re in Colchester, Ipswich or in the East Anglia region, we are happy to discuss the future of your IT.

Why do I need IT Management? Well, maybe a new software evaluation, the launch of a new service or operating division, an acquisition or merger? Whatever the issue we can tell you how your IT will be affected and how to prepare for a smooth transition. We can only do this by building a strong business relationship and by truly understanding your business needs. Once a requirement is identified we can help with specification, budgets, policies and procedures, planning and minimising disruption. We can arrange a number of onsite visits and also remote support your businesses IT.

Agile provides a strategic IT service where we are in effect your IT manager. By holding regular IT management meetings we are able to discuss future change and identify opportunities to improve your business IT model.


IT Management Meetings

Regular onsite IT Management meetings can help focus your businesses IT Strategy

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Disaster Recovery Plan

We can create a detailed plan and test your disaster recovery strategy

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Security Auditing

We can audit your system to highlight security weaknesses from infrastructure, software and policy view points and assist with GDPR Compliance

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