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Cloud Solutions

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Digital transformation requires considerable planning, even before choosing the correct methods. The involvement of employee collaboration, consideration of network infrastructure suitability and communication between providers is essential for a successful transition to a Cloud Hosting Solution.

Are you aware of the potential for digital technology to accelerate your business?

Hybrid Cloud Solutions can potentially offer a business a more gradual route to digital transformation and crucially achieve the right balance of network performance, security and scalability.

Microsoft Office 365

With more and more companies in the UK moving over to the Microsoft Cloud, it’s important to know what the options are for your business. Agile has been successfully moving businesses on to the Microsoft 365 platform and have been consulting with our clients on best practices. Whether it be integration of the Microsoft Office suite for monthly licencing costs or storing files on the Microsoft OneDrive, Agile are able to assist with all your cloud needs.

Migrate to the cloud

Cloud computing technologies offer small businesses access to technologies that previously were unaffordable and out of reach. Hosted on the Cloud many software applications will give you access to improved capability and increased opportunity to work remotely on the move or at home.

Access your files from anywhere

Using Cloud back up solutions enables you to store data and computer files on the internet using a service provider, rather than storing the data locally on a physical disk. It also enables you to remotely access the services, using a secure client log in to back up files from your computer to the online storage server using an encrypted connection. It also gives you greater security, as your data is stored in the cloud where high level secure IT systems are in place for peace of mind.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

We can create a detailed plan and test your disaster recovery strategy

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Agile provides secure and encrypted solutions to protect your data

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Migrating to the cloud needs a strategic approach, have you thought about GDPR?

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