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Whether you’ve just started your journey to the cloud or you’re looking to evolve your current solution, our cloud solutions for businesses in Ipswich will help. We can provide you with strategic advice, migration support, installations, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, and everything in between.

We work with all types of organisations, from SMEs to large businesses. Whether you’re an IT Manager wanting to outsource the project management of a cloud application or a business that needs help migrating to the cloud, we can help. There’s nothing our Ipswich cloud computing team doesn’t know about the cloud.

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Ipswich Business Cloud Solutions

Why Choose to Migrate to the Cloud?

As all our business cloud solution clients in Ipswich will say, there’s a whole host of benefits in migrating to the cloud, and here are just a few:

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    Access to previously out-of-reach software applications and technical solutions.

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    Migrating to the cloud allows you to scale your IT resources at each stage of your business’ growth.

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    Cost Control.

    It’s far easier to keep on top of IT costs with our business cloud solutions in Ipswich.

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    Employees can collaborate and share information from anywhere (perfect for hybrid working).

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    Real-time insights.

    Strengthen your business by moving from gut-decisions to data-driven insights.

Ipswich Business Cloud Backup Solutions

Migrating to the cloud does not come without risk, which is why any plan must be supported by a well-considered IT security strategy. This is something our technicians are highly skilled in.

We have even built our own, next-generation data centre to offer our Ipswich clients the highest levels of security and disaster recovery capabilities. If the need is there, it’s entirely possible for you to rent your own private cloud through us at a competitive rate.

Why work with us?

There are lots of reasons why clients choose us as their Ipswich business cloud computing company partner, including:

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    Expert advice.

    Our team is highly experienced in delivering cloud solutions, meaning you’ll only ever receive expert advice.

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    Industry-leading partnerships.

    We have spent years building great relationships with leading vendors, meaning our clients can rely on us to provide the full suite of Microsoft products, Hyper-V and VMware business cloud backup and replication solutions for their data.

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    Transparency of cost.

    We’re always upfront about our costs. There are no hidden surprises or upselling you services you do not need.

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    We’re one of the most security-conscious cloud computing companies in Ipswich. We make protecting your business data and systems a priority and never an afterthought.

Cloud Solutions Made Easy

We regularly visit our Ipswich clients, and so if you’d like to talk to us about the service for your business, please reach out to us. You can even catch us on Teams if you’d prefer!

Cloud Solutions FAQs

What is cloud backup?

In Ipswich cloud computing terms, business cloud backup is where data and applications on a business server are backed up and then stored remotely in the cloud. In the event of a system failure, breach, or natural disaster, a business can access its data and applications in the cloud.
Given the vast amount of information exchanged every day, having business cloud backup makes sense. Needless to say, more and more organisations choose cloud solutions rather than physical disaster recovery solutions.
In part, this is due to the flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Ipswich business cloud solutions.

What are cloud computing services?

There are primarily three different Ipswich cloud computing services: public cloud storage, private cloud storage, and hybrid cloud storage.
Primarily, businesses use either private or hybrid Ipswich business cloud solutions.
A private cloud service is a cloud environment used exclusively by one organisation and is usually managed by a third-party IT provider or vendor. This is ideal for companies that need full data control and high-level security.
Hybrid cloud services, on the other hand, involve a combination of public and private cloud storage. Here, critical data is stored in a private cloud, while less sensitive data is contained in the public cloud.

What is the best online backup for small businesses?

In our opinion, Altaro provides one of the best Ipswich business cloud solutions, especially SMEs.
We partner with Altaro for all our backup requirements which can provide offsite backup and Disaster Recovery for physical and virtual servers.
Altaro also has a cloud product, which we use to backup customers' mailboxes hosted through Office 365 as well as their OneDrive and SharePoint data.

How does cloud backup work?

Cloud backup solutions for business involve sending a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to another off-site location. This secondary location is based in the cloud usually hosted by a third-party service provider, who charges the backup customer a fee. The agreed fee is typically based on storage space needed, bandwidth, number of users, and servers.
There are several Ipswich cloud computing solutions available to businesses, including:
- Backing up directly to the public cloud
- Backing up to a service provider in a managed data centre (Agile has its own data centre in Colchester)
- Cloud-2-cloud backup using SaaS
- Hardware facilitated cloud backup systems
Most business cloud backup subscriptions run yearly or monthly and are used by big and small businesses alike.
For small to medium-sized businesses, Altaro is a great option. It essentially grabs data as and when it is modified to create an almost ‘live’ backup. It ‘watches’ the files and folders at a low level and when a change is made, it replicates the same change to its backup copy while retaining the original file for data retention.

How do businesses use cloud computing?

Ipswich cloud computing can be used in all areas of the business. From Email to file storage to server hosting and software as a service (SaaS). Mobile Device Management (MDM) Products are often cloud-hosted. This gives businesses a way of managing corporate and BYOD equipment connecting to company data, as well as auditing and protecting their intellectual property.
Essentially, Ipswich cloud computing services make it easier, cheaper and quicker to run IT business architectures and the key benefits are:
- It significantly reduces IT costs
- Assists with cashflow since cloud computing services are typically subscription-based
- Adds flexibility. Businesses can ‘rent’ IT solutions as and when they need them and are not weighed down by legacy systems
- Scalable. Unlike on-premise solutions, you can scale-up and down more readily depending on demand
In our experience of offering cloud services for business, businesses benefit from becoming far more efficient, and dare we say, agile!

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