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IT Security and Threat Management

IT security that safeguards your business

Never worry about the security of your data again. We’ll always identify the most effective business-grade threat management solutions available to you.


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IT security that safeguards your business

Never worry about the security of your data again. We’ll always identify the most effective business-grade threat management solutions available to you.

IT security should never be an add on. It must be at the heart of your IT

Businesses in Essex and Suffolk trust us to keep their data safe and quite frankly, we like it that way. Why? Because we are IT security and threat management specialists at heart. We know just how disruptive cyber security incidents and socially engineered attacks (phishing) can be. We understand the financial value of data and the importance of securing personal data; as do our clients.

That’s why we’re best placed to provide the most robust cost-effective security threat management solution for your business. Partnering with some of the most advanced threat management software providers, we can put in place additional security levels such as encryption. What’s more, we’ll help you establish in-house security policies to ensure your staff understand and follow the correct procedures.

Agile takes IT security very seriously

In our view, there’s only one approach to advanced threat management that works and that’s proactive security. The moment an IT solutions company says to you that you’re protected and leaves you to it, you need to worry.

Effective security threat management involves constant monitoring, maintenance and updating of your hardware and software. A reactive approach simply doesn’t cut it.

As a client, we’ll identify and introduce the most effective business-grade antivirus protection and advanced endpoint threat management solutions available to you.

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • All Agile staff have formed good working relations with our school staff, and we feel extremely supported by them. They are enormously professional and have proven to be extremely reliable. The pupils are enjoying being able to use up-to-date programming software and the teachers are thrilled that they have reliability.
  • Agile are everything IT that a company needs, and all in one place.  Agile provides all our hardware and software needs, it’s like having an in-house IT department without all the hassle.  They are very cost effective as an IT solution, particularly for SMEs.  They always respond whatever the time of day and work hard to resolve problems as soon as possible.  Agile provide the level of service we all want but don’t expect to find.
    Managing Director
  • Having a strong IT function has become a major part of our business. The decision to engage Agile as our advisors has given us confidence, unparalleled support and the pro-action that we previously did not have. Agile understand our business and its needs in future development.
    Commercial Director, Construction
  • Agile staff are always quick to respond and have proved vital IT partners. They took the lead in organising our transfer from stand-alone workstations to a fully integrated networked system linked to a Microsoft Exchange and file server.  A full backup system provides data protection and a tailored on-going support package ensures we continue to get the best from our investment.
  • Agile proved to be very speedy from the moment we asked for a quote (which was very competitive) to install a server, provide a number of laptops on top of software updates on our existing hardware. Agile are a friendly group of people who ensured all work was completed quickly and to the highest standards.
    Head Teacher, Primary School
  • Running the IT of our company was very stressful until Agile took over. From day one, they have been proactive, not reactive.  They offer an incredibly friendly and professional service.  All of the engineers are very polite and knowledgeable and have solved every problem they have come up against in an efficient and timely manner.
    Financial Manager, Building Contractors

What Agile IT offers

Following a free cyber security audit, we can create technical security solutions to fit all scenarios depending on your organisation’s needs, with a combination of:

Data encryption services

With flexible working excepted by today’s employees, protecting the devices they use when they are away from your corporate IT network is crucial. With our data encryption solutions, we can ensure that any data stored on their device – including email data and data that synchronises to the Cloud – is unreachable by a potential attacker.

Network firewalls

The IT network is the lifeblood of any business and the main form of connection to the outside world. With more business systems hosting their data online, cloud security is vital. The need for a secure and stable internet connection through unified threat management (UTM) devices is crucial. Being SonicWall and Sophos XG accredited, we provide industry-leading next generation hardware firewalls.
We have extensive knowledge of hardware and software products. This means we can offer solutions tailored to your individual business needs.

Anti-Malware and antivirus protection

We also offer a range of Unified Threat Management devices (UTM) and Malware endpoint antivirus protection solutions to combat Encrypto viruses and Ransomware.
There’s nothing we don’t know about antivirus software. We’ll ensure that you have the latest security software and it is renewed and kept fully up-to-date. We’ll also keep you informed of any new threats.

Web filtering

As a proactive security measure, SPAM filtering systems are a very effective cyber security option. After all, SPAM is often the starting point for cyber-crime, as our friends at the Cyber Crime unit at Essex Police will confirm. That’s why we offer a highly sophisticated SPAM filtering product with an Advanced Threat Management (ATP) add-on. This is a relatively new product in the IT security threat management marketplace, which very few SPAM filtering systems currently look at. This helps to reduce the threats specific to staff members being targeted for money transfer fraud and email spoofing.

It’s all in the planning

Keen to never over-specify, we’ll only ever recommend the right mix of these solutions for your individual business needs. To be able to do this, we need to understand your current cyber security solution, and your business plans. There’s nothing worse than investing in an IT security solution you’ll quickly outgrow.

Contact us now for a free no-obligation chat about the direction of your IT security threat management strategy to see how we can help you.

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