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Agile provides a wide range of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions. These solutions have been specifically designed and picked from the market to suit the needs of today’s business demands. Everyone is different and has a different set of requirements, Agile Technical Solutions are here to help plan for business continuity.

We can consult on providing you with what you need to plan and test your existing solutions to ascertain if they work and assist you with implementing a solution that works and you trust. This may include regular testing of your Disaster Recovery Plan, which involves restoring your entire system into our Disaster Recovery Platform to establish whether the plan is successful. It might also consist of replicating your system offsite so that in the event of a business disaster you have a virtual system working in the background allowing your employees to continue work as normal.

Whatever your requirements we can be on hand to advise, whether that be with your existing IT Solutions Provider or IT department.

Here is a taste of what we can offer in more detail.

Agile OBS+ | Online Backup Solution

Agile OBS+ is a fast, affordable, high performance online back-up solution for Hyper-V or VMware. It is easy to implement, feature-rich and provides outstanding support.
Using Agile OBS+ combined with Altaro VM Backup Software provides a secure offsite point to point backup solution for virtualised server environments.
Our unique backup process also includes Rapid Restore where Agile will courier deliver your data backups same day or you can retrieve your data backups directly from our secure data centre in Colchester.

Agile Virtual DRS Pro | Disaster Recovery Simulation

Agile Virtual Disaster Recovery Simulation Pro is a business continuity service that gives you the answers: is my system really recoverable? How long will it take to get back up and running?
In today’s highly competitive market, having business operations disrupted means losing money, clients and reputation. That is why disaster recovery has become an essential element for all organisations. Just minutes of downtime can significantly impact your business.
Minimise the effects of a disaster and ensure business continuity via our disaster recovery solutions, which provides a report and plan for your organisation to recover their data should there be an IT failure. Agile can run a full disaster recovery simulation on our services and infrastructure in order to measure your ability to support continuous operations during an unplanned situation.

Agile Private Cloud Server | Remote Server leasing

Our leasing options for IT hardware avoids the need for one-off capital spend. Agile provides HP ProLiant scalable hardware and Enterprise level solutions to grow and maximise your business. With dedicated connectivity and hardware in a secure location, locally in Colchester, you will have your own private cloud. Whether it be a server co-location project or you don’t have anywhere to install your server, Agile private cloud is a flexible, scalable product for a wide range of hosted server requirements.

Agile DRaaS Elite | Disaster Recovery as a Service

“Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) | is the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers by a third party to provide failover in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe.”
Agile provides a range of Elite Replication services for pre-existing Hyper-V environments. We create, design and fully implement replicated environments into our local data centre, based in Colchester. Our leasing options for IT hardware avoids the need for one-off capital spend. This unique offering ensures that you can split your capital investment in server hardware and lease it in your private cloud for Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Agile DR Consultancy | Working with you to find to right solutions

Business continuity is the ability of an organisation to maintain essential functions during, as well as after, a disaster has occurred. Whether your business is starting a new business continuity project, or if you need assistance with ongoing business continuity management, Agile can help.
We recognise that an organisations data is arguably its most valuable asset, which is why preparing for outages should be a key business strategy. Planning for an IT disruption will not only protect the intellectual property within your IT environment but more importantly, ensure the continuity of the business and continuous service delivery to and from your clients and suppliers.
Our experience with clients across a diverse number of industries and sectors has given us the requisite knowledge to effectively analyse your current IT setup and propose practical, cost-effective solutions to protect your business and make it more resilient to outages.


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