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There are many reasons why our business IT consultancy service in Colchester is popular. We have a wealth of experience in guiding companies on how IT can grow and improve their business. As such, a hallmark of our IT strategy service is that we provide strategic advice that is directly aligned to your business goals. There are no hidden costs or technical compromises, just straightforward IT consultancy you can trust.

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IT Consultancy in Colchester

A Bespoke Colchester IT Consultancy Service

The business landscape is constantly changing. Therefore, we see it as our job to keep on top of emerging technologies so that when you approach us for IT consultancy support, we have the right solution.

Strategies to Exceed your Business Goals

We work collaboratively with a wide range of Colchester businesses – from charities and accountancy firms, to care providers and Academy Trusts, to create IT strategies that deliver results that speak for themselves.

Best of all, we tailor our IT consultancy service to your exact requirements. We take a detailed look at what it is you want to achieve and provide an objective view of the possible IT solutions.

From ad-hoc advice to a fully managed Colchester business IT consultancy service that runs an entire project from start to finish, we’re only too happy to help.

Benefit from a Solid IT Strategy

Technical expertise and commercial foresight aside, we’re a local Colchester IT consultancy – well, Langham actually! We understand the local business landscape and are not aligned to one industry. We have a diverse range of organisations we work with and are happy to put you in touch with other businesses we’ve helped. After all, you need to know that the IT strategists you choose to partner with can deliver!

IT Consultancy FAQS

How does IT Consultancy work?

Fundamentally, a Colchester IT Consultancy service involves an IT consulting company providing an organisation with technical advice to solve IT issues. These may be IT problems a business is already aware of but needs specialist help to resolve.
Likewise, it could be that the business wants to know how it could operate more efficiently to usurp the competition. Or it could be that a company needs to put a robust threat management and disaster recovery solution in place.
The point is that Business IT Consultancy is bespoke, or at least it should be, to address challenges and create opportunities.
At Agile Technical Solutions, our IT Consultancy services span the following areas to provide a comprehensive Colchester IT strategy:
- Network efficiency
- Cloud solutions
- Cybersecurity
- Disaster recovery / business continuity
- Managed IT services
- And much more!
From ad-hoc business IT consultancy to a fully managed design and implementation, we provide as much or as little help as you need. We take a highly structured approach with all our projects. We take the pressure off you as we carefully source technology, manage quality, costs, and implementation.

What is an IT consulting business?

Organisations that engage with a Colchester IT strategy consultancy choose to do so because they understand the business value.
An IT consulting business eliminates any confusion by analysing the variety of ICT technologies available to decipher the best fit for your business.
They work collaboratively with the client to propose commercially viable, practical IT solutions. You should expect your appointed Colchester IT Consultancy service to understand your business operations on a granular basis so that when they recommend IT solutions, they do so from a commercially informed positioned.
An IT consulting business will review your business needs and make recommendations for new IT equipment and software. Most importantly, they should take the time to explain the reasons for their proposals and involve you in the process, as we do at Agile Technical Solutions.

What does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant is a highly skilled individual with a great deal of technical knowledge. Unless they are working independently, they will draw upon their team for additional input as and when required.
They are not just an IT technician. A good IT consultant is as commercially minded as they are aware of the latest technology solutions. As such, you should expect your IT consultant to have a good grasp of business workflows, ROI, and business efficiency to create an impactful Colchester IT strategy.
How you engage with a Colchester IT consultancy service depends on your contracted arrangements with the IT provider. You may work on a project basis (for example, in managing the installation of a new network), or you may use them on an ongoing basis to assist with providing managed Colchester IT consultancy services.

What are IT consulting services?

In simple terms, a Colchester IT consultancy service is an advisory service that helps an organisation assess the viability and benefits of introducing new technology. An IT consulting service will align technical capability with the needs of the business. This could be to grow the business, cut costs, safeguard data and systems, or make workflows more efficient. Quite often, the ‘business need’ involves many different strands. It is the role of your IT consultant to recommend the best solution.
Given the fast-paced nature of technology, it’s beneficial to seek specialist Colchester IT strategy advice or gain a second opinion before you embark on any major changes.
In understanding your business goals and aspirations, IT consultancy services provide a roadmap for how you can best use technology to help you get there. They tailor the level and amount of consultancy to your specific needs. So whether you’re a small business with big ambitions, a larger business in need of project IT consulting, or an IT Manager who needs further expertise, Agile Technical Solutions can help.

How much does IT consulting cost?

The cost of a Colchester IT strategy consultancy can vary depending on how much your organisation requires. Therefore, our bespoke packages are designed to provide you with what your business needs. Having built in and regular IT strategy consultancy within your support package can make and save you money. With an ongoing business IT Consultancy with Agile Technical Solutions, you can ensure you are getting the best out of your current and ongoing investments in your IT infrastructure. You can also take advantage of new and emerging technologies to assist with your overall business growth plans.

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