IT Support at Freeman Community Primary School

Agile has been successfully providing Freeman Community Primary School with IT support and advice since early 2014. In that time, we have worked collaboratively with Headteacher Daniel Pettitt and his team to strengthen the school’s IT offering. We are delighted to say this has had a direct and positive impact on learning.

Vastly Improved Wi-Fi connectivity

When we first started supporting Freeman Community Primary School, we were keen to resolve the school’s unreliable Wi-Fi coverage. Poor Wi-Fi performance was preventing teachers and pupils from accessing crucial online learning materials. At one stage, the existing Wi-Fi access points were struggling to enable more than one laptop to connect at a time. Freeman Community Primary School needed a Wi-Fi solution that would not only resolve their current issues but would be fit for the future. Agile put in place an entirely new Wi-Fi system – a far more modern solution using one of its partner technology solutions, Ubiquiti Networks Unifi Access Points. We replaced all the Wireless Access Points and formed a single school-wide wireless network.

The results have been outstanding. There are no longer any dead-zones and all teacher and pupil laptops can connect to the Wi-Fi simultaneously.

“Agile Technical Solutions have worked with Freeman over the past seven years to develop our IT systems to ensure that we have a consistent and reliable system to support teaching, learning and administration across the school. With PCs, laptops, networking and software all sourced and installed by Agile, the whole school has a reliable IT system that meets the day-to-day demands of the administration and curriculum side of our school.”

Daniel Pettitt, Headteacher, Freeman CP School

Server Upgrades & Data Protection

Freeman Community Primary School’s existing server was in desperate need of an upgrade. Agile project-managed the entire process. Our technical team changed servers over one Summer break ready for staff to return. We also left the old system running for an agreed period of time so that when teaching and admin staff returned, they could familiarise themselves with the new set up.

Additionally, we provided onsite visitation to assist with any queries throughout the entire process and returned to remove the old server. Once the new server was installed, our next task was to help the school separate access to privileged data. We divided the curriculum and administrative networks so that only certain personnel were able to access sensitive and personal data.

Assisting with the transition to home learning

2020-21 was an exceptionally challenging time for all schools, including Freeman Community Primary. Recognising this, Agile was extremely responsive and proactive. While the school was fortunate to secure funding from the DfE for outsourced support in transitioning to home learning, there were some unforeseen challenges. For example, admin staff were initially having problems when creating new users on the Arbor system. They were missing information from Office 365.

Keen to help resolve the issue, our technical team guided the school’s admin staff on what to do to resolve the problem. To ensure teaching and admin staff were able to access the server from home, we quickly put in place a robust and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). We are delighted to say, that with our help, Freeman Community Primary School has a far more robust connection to its school community.

In summing up Agile’s support, Daniel added:

“Agile have proved to be very competitive in their quotes for work, with all work carried out to a very high standard. The support package that Agile provides ensures the school systems are kept up to date and any issues are quickly addressed through the knowledgeable and personable technicians who work with us. We are pleased with the work that Agile has carried out and we look forward to evolving our IT further in future years.”

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