Meet the Team: Rachel Mcleod

No stranger to creating a seamless customer service from start to finish, we catch up with Agile Technical Solutions’ Rachel Mcleod as she celebrates being promoted to Client Account Manager.

Rachel, could you tell us about your new role?

Sure. My main role is to create new client relationships and nurture existing ones. After all, Agile prides itself not just on its technical capability but also on understanding and responding to the client’s exact needs.

As Client Account Manager, I am often the first contact a new client has with Agile. I am very much part of the onboarding process and regularly check in with clients to review how things are going.

I’ve got to say, one of the things I enjoy most about my role is how varied it is. Yes, I make lots of telephone calls each day, but I also help co-produce Agile’s marketing and social media outreach.

You’ve been supporting Agile for a while. How has your role evolved?

Initially, I started supporting Agile with its targeted sales strategy two years ago on a contract basis. However, as I worked more and more with the company, I could see how I could add more value if I increased my hours and became an employee. Thankfully, Nick Baines (Agile’s MD) suggested I take on a more prominent role, and I am glad that I said yes.

Now, my time is divided equally between sales and customer service.

What experience do you bring to the role?

Well, I’ve worked in sales and customer service facing roles for the best part of 30 years. Looking back, the roles I’ve held have been quite varied to enable me to fit my career around caring for my children. Now that they are grown up with children of their own (I have six wonderful grandchildren), I am now refocusing my efforts on furthering my career.

Having run a telesales and virtual reception services business, I have quite a lot of commercial experience. At Agile, I am part of a team again, though, and I’ve got to say that everyone has made me feel very welcome.

If I have a technical question, Joe or Sam are usually the people I turn to for advice, and they’re all too willing to give it.

You work closely with schools too. Could you tell us more?

Absolutely. I really enjoy working with schools. Although schools have different concerns to businesses, there are lots of parallels. As part of my outreach to schools and academy trusts, I always seek to understand their key priorities and perceived challenges before making any recommendations or setting up a meeting. As a team, we take pride in helping schools leverage the maximum value from their ICT while being budget-conscious. Our initial meeting, and any meetings after that, are designed to offer tailored ICT advice.

What would you say are your strengths?

I would say that above anything else, I am a people person. I genuinely care about helping others. To be successful in my role, I also have to be outgoing, chatty and confident, which the team tells me I most certainly am!

I have one rule, and that’s to treat everyone I speak to with the same level of respect and care.

What is your five-year goal?

Professionally speaking, I aim to continue to be successful in my role and see the new clients I introduce to Agile reap the commercial benefits of embedding strategic IT solutions.

Personally, Agile is exactly where I need to be. My children (and grandchildren) tell me I have a renewed sense of energy, and they’re right.

What do you do outside of work, Rachel?

I am very close to my family. We do everything together – we escape on holiday whenever we can, and I like any doting Nan; I spoil my grandchildren whenever I can. Christmas is a very manic day in our household, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Outside of family, my interests include DIY, where I have been known to fit carpets, tile and have even turned my hand to plastering. Oh, and I happen to be a big 80s music fan!

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