New Microsoft Products Announced!

New Microsoft Products Announced!

New Microsoft Products Announced!


Microsoft looked to redefine the laptop/tablet market with the release of their Surface range in 2012, 6 years on the newest addition to the Surface family has been announced; the Surface 6. The Surface Pro 6 will start at £879, which will provide you with an 8th-gen Intel CPU, the renowned 12.3-inch touch display, up to 1TB of SSD storage and 13.5 hours of battery life. Typically, the Surface Pro is used for creative purposes and has the capability to run more demanding programs, which separates it from the tablet market. The Surface Laptop 2 starts with the same specs as the Surface Pro, however Microsoft are claiming it’s “85% faster than the original Surface Laptop”. The laptop starts at £979 and will look to compete with HP and Dell for a modern business-grade laptop.

The Surface Studio 2 is a huge step-up from the previously mentioned devices. This device is used specifically for graphic design, game design and running intensive programs and games. The Surface Studio 2 starts at around £2,695, which will raise a few eyebrows compared to products provided by competitors; for example, the HP EliteOne 800 G3. The Studio 2 offers a 28-inch touch display, 2TB SSD, 7th-gen Intel CPU with a Nvidia GTX 1070 and offers up to 13.5 million pixels designed for high levels of detail. Would you consider this device the ultimate toolkit for graphic design?

Finally, and perhaps the biggest surprise of the new products, Microsoft have entered the sound industry. Their new noise-cancelling headphones are competing with Bose and Beats with a hefty £270 price tag, and Microsoft have looked to integrate the headphones with their other products. According to Microsoft, they are designed with Skype in mind, providing microphones on each ear-cup to focus on an excellent call experience. Furthermore, they include head detection, which pauses your music as you take the headphones off, Cortana is included with the headphones, USB-C fast charging to give you an hour of music playback with 5 minutes worth of charging and up to 15 hours of charge when using wirelessly with Bluetooth, active noise cancellation and Cortana turned on.

Are you interested in Microsoft’s new range?


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