New HP Z Series Workstation

New HP Z Series Workstation

New HP Z Series Workstation

HP has announced the release of its new series of workstations “The Z series”.

Starting with the Z4 they also offer a Z6 and a Z8.

While the other 2 are top rate PCs the Z8 is a mind-blowing feat of engineering. With support for 56 Cores and 3TB of RAM over 24 memory slots, this truly is a wonder machine capable of doing the most gruelling of tasks with little to no effort.

The ability to edit 8K videos and space to hold 3X Nvidia Quadro P6000, these specs make even the best manufacturers eyes water.

With new BIOS protection to ensure all your work is safe from security flaws.

The prices are yet to be announced for the very top spec model but the Z8 is pegged to start from around £1800 but you can expect to be paying upwards of £20,000 for the top line model.

Keep checking back for updates and prices.