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Cyber Threats are here to stay. The value of your data defines the cost of your compliance. One breach can cost you for the life-time of your business and affect reputation beyond repair. Agile can offer support to an organisation in a number of ways to improve network security. Agile can put in place a range of security measures from data encryption to setting up effective web filtering, antivirus and anti-malware software, along with Firewalls and cloud-based enhancements.

We can also help establish in-house security policies to ensure your staff follow correct procedures. We would look to provide you with the right mix of these solutions depending on the security requirements of your business and industry.

Agile takes IT safety very seriously

We provide assistance with in-house security policies to ensure your staff follow correct procedures and are made aware of IT risks and intrusions. We are proactive in our approach and we always look to ensure that your systems are constantly monitored, maintained, and updated. With security being such an issue in the modern world, it is vital that we are proactive and not reactive in our approach. Agile actively looks for the most effective business grade antivirus available for you, ensuring your data and devices are secure and GDPR compliant through a number of methods such as encryption, IT policies and business-grade anti-virus.

“90% of large organisations suffered security breaches in 2017, with 50% of the worst breaches caused by human error”

Cyber Threats

Have you ever calculated the potential cost to your business if data was compromised or desktop users were subject to a cyber-attack?

Proactive Security

Agile will ensure that you have the latest security software and it is renewed and kept fully up to date. We will always keep you informed of any new threats


Will you wait for a disaster before you develop a strategy? We can help you before its too late!

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