IT Management

IT Management

IT Management and Planning services

Our IT Management and Planning service can be used in conjunction with our other support packages or independently. In some situations, it can be very useful to have an independent and unbiased point of view on your IT; focusing on IT management as opposed to IT support.

In this situation, we become your companies IT manager and can work with your existing IT support and service providers in a professional and unbiased way. Our IT Management option is fully bespoke based on your requirements.

Below are some examples of the types of service we offer:

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Full IT Survey and Documentation

We can survey and document your site to build a comprehensive picture of your IT systems which can help with support, planning and strategy.

Software Licensing Audit

We can audit your software licensing to ensure you have licenses for the software you use and advise on the best approach to resolve any problems. We can help you build a Software Asset Management system to manage your licensing.

Help and Recommendations with IT Practices

We can advise and recommend on IT practices to help you get the best out of your IT budget and ensure you and your staff use your IT systems safely, securely and to their maximum potential.

Detailed IT Management Meetings

More than often, a small business doesn’t have an IT manager, we can attend meetings with your staff to provide input and assistance at an IT management level. Providing you with an independent technical perspective, this can generate a positive strategy for your companies IT into the future.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

We can provide detailed Disaster Recovery Planning to ensure you are prepared should problems occur with your IT equipment or in the event of a disaster such as fire or theft. Whats more, we can offer regular testing of your Disaster Recovery Plan, which usually involves restoring your entire system to our Disaster Recovery platform to ensure that both the plan and your backup software work. This is a non-disruptive process and your staff can continue to work as normal. This process helps to identify any problems or improvements and provide an estimate of a time frame should a restore be required.

Security Auditing

We can audit your system to highlight security weaknesses from infrastructure, software and policy view points. We can then provide detailed documentation and highlight improvements that can be made.

SharePoint Deployment and Development

SharePoint is a very useful but very complex piece of software. We can help you get the most out of SharePoint with a reliable and well planned deployment as well as help with strategy and development.

IT Consultancy and Project Management

Using our extensive IT management experience, we offer consultancy services, comprehensive project management and project implementation services. Much like our IT management services, these can be offered whilst working with a clients existing suppliers as a management only service or in conjunction with our installations services.