IT Maintenance

IT Maintenance

What we offer

Agile offer a complete IT maintenance service using remote access capability. With scheduled onsite housekeeping offering face to face access to an engineer who is keen to share his knowledge and experience.

Remote working

We can work remotely which allows us to be more proactive. This also means in most cases will allow us to identify and rectify issues before they become more serious. A scheduled visit will allow us to check hardware. Which will provide the opportunity for your staff to address minor queries with an engineer.

IT Meetings

We can also arrange regular IT meetings between you and our directors/managers. As we are always looking to give the highest level of support possible. Through IT meetings, we take any feedback on board. This giving us a foundation to improve our service and make sure that you remain as a satisfied client. We are also keen to learn about your business and work with you to achieve success in the near future.

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Onsite Support

If a problem cannot be fixed remotely, our engineers can be onsite in a matter of moments to fix your issue


Apple equipment is vulnerable to attacks. We can assist you with your security requirements


We can offer you advice on how to get the best out of your Equipment. Offering you a consultancy service, advising on your current systems and maximising your Mac

Remote Support

We offer remote support to quickly get you up and running