Questions we’re usually asked

Here are some of the more common computer questions we’ve been asked over the years. If you can’t find your subject please don’t hesitate to contact us we’d be pleased to offer help and information where we can.

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What is the cloud?

The cloud is a way of farming out various tasks that an in-house server would normally do to an external server data centre. This feature is then leased to you, usually for a monthly fee.

Should I upgrade my server?

Depending on the age and capacity of your existing server, possibly. The correct route is to look to maintain servers to optimise their performance and lifespan.

Why is my system slow?

A slow system can be a result of a number of factors such as poor server performance or network infrastructure. With further investigation and some attention these issues can often be resolved by basic troubleshooting

Can I get better broadband?

Depending on where you are geographically of course, but in most cases the answer is yes. Service providers don’t tend to offer better service to you automatically, Agile can look for you and get you a better deal

Is my system secure?

Computer security is in todays world an extremely important element of your IT strategy. Security is made up of a number of elements such as Antivirus software, SPAM filters and Windows updates to name a few. With planning you can have a system that is secure

Does my PC need upgrading?

Having a slow PC is very frustrating and counter productive to you and your staff. With some regular housekeeping your PC can run with optimum performance for as long as its commercially viable

What brands are best?

The best brand is often how we perceive it. Just like brands of car, some are good some are bad but they all do the same thing – get you from A to B. Agile recommend having a long term warranty on all computer hardware

Is my system backed up?

Rather surprisingly the answer to that question is often NO! to make sure that the backups are working you should receive an email from the service confirming that it has. You should also have either a drive that gets taken from site or an online backup solution

Can I work from home?

In a lot of cases yes you can, remote desktop access can be relatively inexpensive and easy to configure.

Is my website effective?

You should have reports from Google analytics to show how effective you website is. But mostly you should be receiving enquiries, if your site is getting hits but there’s no enquiries then it might be that you have a functional issue with your site or its not conveying your message to potential clients. Agile offer a wide range a website solutions to help you

Can I get more out of my IT?

Yes you can! with the right strategies in place you can get your IT working for you and grow your business as a result

Should I use a tablet or laptop?

Depending on what you need to do you can use either. In a lot of instances you can now use a tablet for a number of tasks you used to have to use a desktop PC or laptop for. Tablets are ultra portable, so you can take advantage of new innovations in the tablet market

Can I use Apple?

Yes. Apple Mac computers and other devices are now much more adaptable to the Microsoft world! Even if you need to run Windows for your applications, you can now run Windows seamlessly on your Apple computer

Is my business too small for an IT supplier?

No. Agile offer a number of bespoke solutions to even the smallest of businesses

Do I have an IT strategy?

The chances are if you are asking yourself that question then the answer is probably no. All businesses should have some form of an IT strategy to help their business grow, given todays modern world where we all rely on IT so heavily. Agile can assist you to build you your very own IT strategy

Is my antivirus software adequate?

Most Antivirus software packages offer similar types of cover, some are better than others but in general they claim to do the same thing – protect your PC from the thousands of infections out in the ether. As long as your Antivirus software is up to date and is business grade then you should be protected